To Uncheck China, Unlock American Industry

To Uncheck China, Unlock American Industry, an op-ed written by Michael Lucci, the founder and CEO of State Armor, was featured in the City Journal magazine, where he argues that state and federal policies should defend the industrial power of free nations while defunding the technologies of totalitarianism.

In his op-ed, Michael states:

State and federal governments should prohibit the procurement of Chinese products and services altogether unless a public body or its contractor cannot find an alternative vendor. For sensitive technologies such as laser-surveillance devices, drones, telecommunications equipment, and other components of critical infrastructure, governments should limit their purchases to American and allied free nations’ vendors. If America leads, allied nations will follow, expanding the market for products produced by free nations and protecting producers who otherwise would face subsidized Chinese competition.

Finally, federal, state, and local governments must stop financing the destruction of the American economy, technologies, and military. Public dollars should not be invested in Chinese assets—full stop. All federal, state, and local pension funds should be pulled from China completely. Lawmakers also should ban private investment in critical Chinese technology sectors with military applications.

Read the full version of To Uncheck China, Unlock American Industry on the City Journal’s website.