Protecting Critical Infrastructure

The safety and security of our nation starts at home, and states are on the front lines in confronting global security threats. States must protect the basic assets that make modern American life possible. China and other foreign adversaries seek to gain access to and control over America’s critical infrastructure by providing subsidized telecommunications equipment, port cranes, and power transformers that allow “back door” control over these assets that Americans rely upon every day.

States must remove any equipment and infrastructure built, powered by, or dependent on foreign adversaries. They must also prohibit investment in state critical infrastructure by foreign adversaries, increase security protections to critical infrastructure, prohibit land sales to adversarial nations, and require the resale of land currently owned by foreign adversaries, particularly when that land is near military installations.

Additionally, states must assess what technologies and applications should be denied access to state digital infrastructure and develop a plan to block such technologies from state and local devices and broadband access. As part of this effort, they should immediately prohibit the use of sensitive technologies by state and local governments, as many have done by prohibiting TikTok on government devices.

The CCP and companies they control—many of which have been sanctioned by the federal government—have installed telecommunications and other critical equipment across the U.S. They own and actively purchase land and buildings near military installations, and push China-first technology solutions that are beholden to China’s communist government.

America’s liberty, security, and prosperity are at risk so long as hostile governments can control and sabotage the assets that power the American way of life.