Michael Lucci

Founder, CEO

Michael Lucci is the founder, CEO, and Chairman of State Armor, which he created to develop and enact state solutions to global security threats. Mr. Lucci believes that a whole-of-government American response is needed to counter unprecedented global threats and ensure a free and peaceful 21st century. State Armor advances state policies to protect state critical infrastructure, build the supply chains of freedom, and cease malicious foreign influence operations. At State Armor, Mr. Lucci synthesizes a unique understanding of global affairs with deep experience in state policymaking. He works with both state and federal leaders to achieve State Armor’s mission.

Mr. Lucci has worked in state policy politics for more than a decade. He has been a Senior Policy Advisor to State Policy Network and a Senior Tax Advisor to Platte Institute. Mr. Lucci previously served as a presidential appointee on the Federal Services Impasse Panel and as the Chief of Policy to Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner. He has been the Vice President of State Projects at Tax Foundation and the Vice President of Policy at Illinois Policy Institute. Mr. Lucci is a proud graduate of the University of Notre Dame and lives in Texas with his family.